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2017 Area Events and Deadlines

May        TimberDash Trail Ride, Marquette, NE     website

May        Youth Rodeo, Fremont        www.fremontyouthrodeo.net

May         Open Show, Kearney, NE   –  Buffalo County Fairgrounds   Show Bill

May  26-28            NHCA,  Columbus      website

May 29          NHCA, Grand Island     website


June 4       4-H LV Conference Show, Bartlett

June 11      4-H LV Conference Show, St. Paul

June 11     NHCA, York

June       Fremont Youth Rodeo       Website


**District 4-H Horse Show Schedule     Website

June 18     4-H LV Conference Show, Loup City

June 24-25      NHCA, Lexington        website

June 25     4-H LV Conference Show, Albion

June     Fremont Youth Rodeo     Website


July 9      4-H LV Conference Show, Ord

July 9-14         Boone Co. Fair, Albion, NE    website

July  13-17        Hall Co. Fair, Grand Island, NE    website

July 16-20          State 4-H Horse Show, Fonner Park, Grand Island, NE    website

July 20-23         Howard Co. Fair, St. Paul, NE      website

July 22-26            Sherman Co. Fair, Loup City, NE      website

July 23-29           Garfield Co. Fair,  Burwell, NE    website

July 29-Aug 2       Merrick Co. Fair, Central City, NE  ( Junior Rodeo )      website

July 30-Aug 5       Valley Co. Fair, Ord, NE      website


August 3-6        Wheeler Co. Fair, Bartlett, NE

August 8-10       Greeley Co. Fair, Spalding, NE     website

August 9-12      Loup Co. Fair,  Taylor, NE     website

August 12-13     NHCA, Kearney

August 25-Sept 4         Nebraska State Fair, Fonner Park,  Grand Island    website

August          Fremont Youth Rodeo      website


September             Pitzer Ranch Fall Horse Sale         Website

September         Fremont Youth Rodeo          Website

September 17      Open Show LV Scholarship Show, Central City, NE      Merrick County Fairgrounds

September 23 -24               AkSarBen, Horse Show  ***Grand Island, NE            website

Helpful Links:            NE Horse 4-H        NHCA        NE Youth Rodeo       NE JH Rodeo        NE HS Rodeo

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